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Collective Urban Villa

Collective urban villa is being transformed from a small villa-like house to a urban villa for several families. The reconstruction also includes addition of a few areas. The typology of the building does not change. The ground floor will remain an office space while the upper floors will be residential. The main staircase and entrance is positioned in the middle of the building. There are 2 apartments in each floor, a total of 7 where one of them is a duplex. The building has huge terraces on the south side.

The building is entirely cladded in red ceramic brick. The southern side has no windows but it is however designed with patches of perforated bricks to allow light to penetrate the interior. The northern side is also void of any openings and as a result is designed as a space to display street art.


Vila Urbane Kolektive vjen si transformim i nje ndertese ekzistuese ne nje vile urbane per disa apartamente. Rikonstruksioni perfshin gjithashtu shtese ambientesh. Keto ndryshime jane thjeshte konstruktive nderkohe qe tipologjia dhe funksioni nuk ndryshojne. Kati perdhe mbetet zone pune dhe eshte i ndare ne zyra. Katet e siperme jane rezidenciale. Shkalla dhe hyrja kryesore e objektit eshte ne qender. Katet jane ndare me nga 2 apartamente ne kat, dhe nje total prej 7 apartamentesh ku njeri eshte dupleks. Ne pjesen jugore gjenden gjithashtu ballkone te medha.

Pjesa e fasades eshte e veshur me tulle qeramike te kuqe. Pjesa jugore eshte pa dritare dhe eshte dizenjuar me tulla ne menyre qe te lejoje futjen e drites ne hapesirat e brendshme. Pjesa veriore eshte gjithashtu pa dritare dhe eshte dizenjuar me grafiti rruge.








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