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Who We Are

A Bit About Us

Studioarch4 is a design studio located in Tirana, Albania, focused in innovation, research and project managing in the fields of Architecture, Urban Design, Engineering and development. Studioarch4 was founded in 2011 by a young group of distinctive architects who complement each other to create a synergy of ideas. We are highly dedicated and our aim is to contribute in a better build environment. We believe that innovation in this field offers a lot of potential and possibilities. We see architecture as a tool that improves the everyday life in terms of social behaviour, economic income and cultural impact.

Our Services


Studioarch4’s services vary depending on the program type and level of intervention but the base is always innovation on creating architectural spaces and on the same time solving various problems. We are always careful when designing, taking into account the client, the user and the spatial relation of the intervention with the surroundings and it’s impact in the city.

Urban Design

The city and its public spaces have a hidden energy that is in a constant state of changeability and under the pressure of intensive fluxes of movement of the inhabitants. By studying the potential depth of a place, we continuously try to create specific public space identities where the city is experienced differently. We believe that the image of a city is created by the way we perceive its own public spaces.


Engineering for us is an integral part of the architecture, where innovative architectural is closely related with innovative technical solutions. An innovative engineering project includes constructive engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, hydraulic engineering, etc., which merge together to create a single product to be fully implemented.


Developing a property is a complex process where different contexts and stakeholders interact with each other towards a common vision. Studioarch4 can be a strong partner in these processes by managing the project from visioning, market analysis, investment , legal and technical aspects, executive project and supervision. Integral developing solutions are a series of services combine together to offer a full support, from ideas to implementation.

Our Team


Lorin Çekrezi

Partner/Architect/Technical Director

Rezart Struga

Partner/Architect/Project Lead

Klaudjo Cari

Partner/Architect/Project Lead

Gjergji Dushniku

Architect/Project Manager

Kamela Sino

Architect and Urban Designer

Donald Daberdeni


Mikaela Maçko

Architect and Urban Designer

Erazmia Gjikopulli

Architect and Urban Designer

Xheni Thomollari

Architect and Urban Designer

Ada Lushi

Architect and Urban Designer

Alba Kuçi

Architect and Urban Designer

Gerti Struga


Vasil Dushniku