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Business Incubator

This business incubator hosts two main functions within itself. The east side of the building is a warehouse while the west side houses the offices into a 3 storey building.

The particular shape of the offices has been generated through a modularity concept based on the present and future uses of the building. Flexibility of spaces has been a major concern in the design process. All areas of the building allow different functions to be accommodated within different units.

The structural frame follows the same modularity logic which is in tern reflected in the main facade through a grid concept of masses and voids. This concept is also perceived in the floor plans, where the ratio between internal and external spaces is altered through the facade grid. This creates micro situations of various usages.

The total area amounts to 9075 m2. The total built area is 4306 m2. The building has a East-West orientation  and is positioned in the middle of the enclosed site thus allowing for an ample parking space for small vehicles on the western side and parking for bigger trucks on the eastern side.


Working Facilities




Rr.Arberia, Kashar, Albania