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Family Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is located in a dedicated space on the ground floor of an existing building where the owners live. The space has an interesting view towards South-West where natural light is filtered through ivy plants. This feature creates a harmonious connection with the external courtyard. The courtyard is used especially during the summer where the owners can sunbathe on sunbeds surrounded by local vegetation.
The cover of the pool offers views towards the sky. The flexibility of openings allows for natural ventilation to penetrate the space as well as adaptation to climate changes, weather or different hours of the day. The materials chosen for the interior intensify the way the light enters the space. Natural stone is used in the area where the intensity of light is higher, while warm wood is used in the darker spaces. Therefore two spaces are created within one. Two feelings are achieved, that of being inside and outside. Intimacy issues have been carefully considered in the positioning of staircases, Jacuzzi, shower, gym, sun beds and courtyard.